7 Figures Club: A Business Growth Podcast

137: 9 Figure Empire - Sold it All for the Poor! (w/ STACI WALLACE!)

July 2, 2022

Staci Wallace is a dynamic, heart-centered business woman, philanthropist and so much more!  She shares her background growing up and being mentored by a pastor father as she pursued music as well as direct sales.  Staci tells us of strategies to go from "beast" mode to "BEST" mode.  She talks about why peace should take more priority over money.

She talks about the value of stopping, serving, investing and listening while breaking down the ego - all of which (and more) can be accomplished in her signature Sweet Spot Audit.  She tells of the importance to look at both opportunities and threats as well as energy producers vs energy demanders.  She tells some of her own journey surrounding preparation for new chapters/seasons and shared these key links to learn more:

Let's go!

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