7 Figures Club: A Business Growth Podcast

133: Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing! (w/ KELSEY JOHNSON!)

June 2, 2022

Kelsey explains to us the power of email and why it is such a great medium to engage with an audience and create sales.  She talks about the process of starting to build an email list and the importance of having multiple ways people can sign up.  Kelsey tells of the importance of lead magnets and gives several examples.

She shares with us how to set up a welcome series and create automation.  We discuss the power of Russell Brunson's "Seinfeld" email series ideas.  Kelsey also tells us about having a regular newsletter and the importance of getting feedback to find out exactly what your people want!  Follow Kelsey @kelseycolorado on Twitter, and get her special offer at this link: https://aweber.com/podcast ...Let's go!

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